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Sunday, 9 August 2015

20+ best Flirty Questions to ask a Girl

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Best naughty questions to ask a girl so that your girlfriend gets in the desired mood and you can take advantage

1.What do you look for in a man?

2.What did you really think of me when we first met?

3.Have you ever decided to kiss me?

4.Do you think I am a good kisser?

5.Where is your favorite place to be kissed?

6.When did you first start to feel naughty?

7.What is your dream date ?

8.What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

9.Have you ever had a secret crush on anyone?

10.What are the things in a man that makes feel that you are stimulated so much?

11.What are you wearing right now?

12.Do you have any sex toys ?

13.Do you like masturbating?

14.When was the first time you masturbated?

15.What is the naughtiest moment in your school days ?

16.What is your body size?

17.Which is the body organ when I touch there you feel stimulated most?

18.How often do you shave your private areas?

19.Have you read the Kamasutra?

20.Have you ever seen porn?

21.What’s your bra size?

22.What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

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